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Integrated Pest Management Program

Integrated Pest Management

Program includes (9) monthly visits including grub control and aeration (March - November).

Premium Program

Program inludes (5) applications with optional Aeration and Grub Control.

Basic Program

Program includes (4) applications with optional Aeration and Grub Control.

Applications include:

  • Balanced Fertilization
  • Liquid Organic Bio-nutritionals
  • Broadleaf Weed Management
  • Crabgrass Management
  • Insect Management
  • Disease Management

Organic Programs

Avaliable upon request

Additional Services

  • Aeration
  • Dethatching
  • Tree and Shrub Care
  • Liming
  • Foundation Insect Control
  • Athletic Field Maintenance
  • Mulching and Mulch Delivery

If at any time a problem arises, please call. Shamrock will come and check the problem and discuss it with you. Service calls are FREE... don't hesitate to call.

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