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The reality is that ticks, mosquitoes, insects, and chinch bugs can invade your lawn, shrubs, trees, and outdoor gathering areas. While many homeowners try to utilize bug spray or even pest spray, most invasions require a personal touch.

Let Shamrock Lawn Maintenance handle your bug problem.

Beyond comprehensive lawn care services, Shamrock Lawn Maintenance offers a variety of pest control treatments to target specific pests that are prominent within our regional area. Let us assess the problem for you and recommend one of our premium pest control options.

Targeting the Grubs

Many home and business owners may not realize the importance of grub control, but we do.

Grubs pose significant dangers to lawns. They feast on the nutrients in the soil and grass roots, ultimately causing irreparable damage to the roots. What’s worse? Grubs love the Pennsylvania area, increasing the activity in residential and commercial lawns.

Since the most prominent feeding time is late summer and into early fall, Shamrock Lawn Maintenance recommends grub control treatments in a timely fashion, typically early summer. Our powerful treatments minimize these grubs so that your grass roots and soil can continue to absorb much-needed nutrients.

grub bug

Eliminating Ticks

Ticks are definitely a nuisance and don’t just limit their habitats to wooded areas. These pests can also be harmful to humans and pets as they find their way onto residential and commercial trees, shrubs, and lawns more often than ever. The key is to prevent them from invading not only your green spaces but also your home.

Shamrock Lawn Maintenance knows how to specifically target ticks with specialized pest control treatments. Offering tick control treatments throughout the year, Shamrock Lawn Maintenance works to ward off potential damage before ticks even get a chance to attack. We’ll help build a barrier around your home so that you can enjoy your outdoor spaces without risk.

The last thing you want is for ticks, chinch bugs, and other insects to claim ownership of your lawn and home.

Let Shamrock Lawn Maintenance get rid of them now.

Making Chinch Bugs, Fleas, and Other Insects Disappear

It’s no secret that chinch bugs are common in the Pennsylvania area. In fact, these pests love to make their home in thick patches of grass during hot and humid summer days. But, they are still present in spring and fall, ready to chow down on your grass.

Chinch bugs aren’t the only pests capable of ruining your green spaces, fleas and other insects are just as guilty. Fleas love to wait in your lawn for the perfect host whether that be you, your pets, or your loved ones. Our flea control will help you get control of these biting pests to avoid a flea infestation.

If you’ve noticed that your ornamental trees, grass roots, and shrubs are lacking vibrant color, it’s likely that ants and other insects have invaded. Our Surface Insect Control treatment is applied directly to the soil for best results.

chinch bug

Don’t wait until those creepy pests have invaded your home. Contact Shamrock Lawn Maintenance for ultimate protection year-round.


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