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It’s not up to luck when it comes to nurturing your green spaces. However, when you choose Shamrock Lawn Maintenance, you’ll feel like your luck has taken a turn for the better. We make nurturing lawns and protecting green spaces with comprehensive pest control services our top priority.

Serving residential and commercial properties in Pennsylvania, Shamrock Lawn Maintenance offers much-needed nourishment and care for your grass, soil, roots, shrubs, trees and more. Our highly-trained staff is ready to show you premium customer service and premium results. See for yourself how expertise, passion and customer service collide when enlisting the help of Shamrock Lawn Maintenance for your lawn care and pest control needs.

Premium Lawn Care Programs

We realize that every lawn is different. That’s why we cater our services for our residential and commercial clients and offer three lawn care programs so that you have choices. Each of our programs include weed control, pre-emergents, and balanced fertilization to nourish your grass roots and soil.

Our Lawn Care Programs Include:

  • Integrated Pest Management Program – Includes 6 to 7 treatments
  • Premium Program – Includes 5 treatments
  • Basic Program – Includes 4 treatments

*Note: All programs are available with an organic option

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Pest Control

Rid your green spaces of pests that can cause damage to the soil, grass roots, shrubs, and trees. Shamrock Lawn Maintenance offers a variety of pest control treatments to keep your residential or commercial lawn vibrant, colorful, and healthy.

We currently offer:

  • Grub Control
  • Flea Control
  • Tick Control
  • Chinch Bug Control
  • Surface Insect Control

Disease Control

Unfortunately, fungal diseases can cause your grass to brown, yellow, or even die during any season of the year. The experts at Shamrock Lawn Maintenance work to diagnose the disease and then apply fungicide applications that revive and restore the health of your lawn.

Additional Services

We realize that each green space is different and we strive to provide customized services. That’s why you have options for additional services from Shamrock Lawn Maintenance. Choose one or all of these services to bring back the curb appeal of your home or business.

  • Foundation Insect Control
  • Aeration and Overseeding
  • Limestone Applications
It’s time to make the neighbors envious by sprucing up your lawn. All it takes is one call. Contact Shamrock Lawn Maintenance today to get the results you desire and the lawn you deserve.
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