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As a lawn care specialist in Pennsylvania, Shamrock Lawn Services, has built a reputation that customers can appreciate. Not only do our experts have the know-how and the skills to transform your property into vibrant green spaces, but we also anticipate your ever-evolving needs.

That’s why we offer add-on services to help cater our services to each and every customer. Whether you need foundation insect control, limestone applications, or aeration and overseeding, we are here to serve.

Here’s what we can offer you:

Foundation Insect Control

Do you find that pests have navigated from your lawn, trees, and shrubs to the exterior portions of your home or residential building? Shamrock Lawn Maintenance can get rid of those pests for good with our Foundation Insect Control treatment program.

Say goodbye to those bugs, spiders, ants, and crickets that are trying to work their way into structures and buildings when you opt for our Foundation Insect Control service.

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Aeration and Overseeding

When your compacted soil is struggling to remain healthy or retain nutrients, opt for the aeration and overseeding services from Shamrock Lawn Maintenance.

Core aeration is crucial to allow oxygen and nutrients to seep into the soil, which ultimately helps your grass grow directly from the roots. In addition, core aeration helps with weed control and managing thatch. With the harsh winters that plague Pennsylvania, timing is everything to prepare your grass roots for new growth. Shamrock Lawn Maintenance can recommend just the right time for aeration and overseeding services to maximize your results.

Limestone Applications

At Shamrock Lawn Maintenance, we are committed to offering you lawn care services that promote healthy growth. Our add-on limestone application is one of those services.

Our limestone applications work to condition the soil. This treatment involves distributing pellets evenly across your lawn and green spaces so that the crushed limestone breaks down into the soil. We primarily time these treatments during rainy seasons so that the pellets are activated by water and work to lower the acidity in the soil.

The final result is a vibrant looking lawn that is greener and healthier.

The benefits of Limestone Applications include:

  • Improving the intake of nutrients into the soil
  • Supplying minerals to plants and flower beds
  • Removing toxicity and balancing pH in the soil
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Shamrock Lawn Maintenance is Here to Serve

Whether your lawn is perfectly manicured and you want to keep it that way or you need to boost your curb appeal, Shamrock Lawn Maintenance is here to help.

Our comprehensive lawn care services include:

  • Integrated Lawn Care Programs
  • Pest Control
  • Disease Control
  • Aeration and Overseeding
  • Limestone Applications
  • Landscape Bed Weed Control

Contact us today to learn about our additional services and packages that will bring your green spaces back to life.


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