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As you survey your lawn, do you see brown patches, yellow grass, or even what appears to be dead grass? It could be that your green spaces have been infected by fungal diseases. There are a variety of fungal diseases, but the main factor is that these diseases can quickly destroy the beauty of your residential or commercial property.

In comes Shamrock Lawn Maintenance.

We specialize in boosting your home or business curb appeal while promoting healthy growth. From pest control treatments to lawn care management programs, our experts are ready to tackle any challenge that diminishes the beauty of your green spaces.

Fungicide Applications

While fungal diseases can attack your green spaces at any time of the year, the experts at Shamrock Lawn Maintenance are well-versed in typical seasons that promote fungal growth.

We’ve got you covered.

Once you give us a call, we will begin by assessing the soil and grass roots to identify the type of fungal disease that has wreaked havoc on your lawn, causing brown patches, sections of dull-colored moss, or even dead grass. This assessment allows us to then choose just the right type of fungicide application needed. Each dry application then works to restore the look and health of your lawn.

Shamrock Lawn Maintenance also believes in taking preventative measures. If your lawn is at risk for fungal diseases, we can take the necessary precautions to add nutrients and treat your green space so it remains vibrant and healthy.

brown grass

Complete Line of Services to Beautify Lawns

Beyond fungicide applications to revive and restore lawns, Shamrock Lawn Care also offers a variety of services to our growing client base.

For example, our Lawn Care Program gives you the option of choosing from:

  • Integrated Pest Management Program
  • Premium Program
  • Basic Program

*Note: Each of these programs are available with an organic option.

You can also call on us for pest control that includes preventing and combating grubs, ticks, chinch bugs, and surface insects.

Shamrock Lawn Maintenance is also proud to provide our valued customers with the following add-on services:

  • Foundation Insect Control
  • Aeration & Overseeding
  • Limestone Applications
seeding lawn

Are you ready to restore the beauty of your green spaces? It’s time to contact Shamrock Lawn Maintenance and get started.


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